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American Caskets

The iconic brands Scrigno del Cuore, Preghiera, Affresco and Sigillo D’Amore, “must have” signed Prima Bottega Ebanisteria Italiana are first of all concepts that, transformed into products, have created new styles and new trends in the sector because they have been designed for the excellent honors that want to stand out.

Each realization is the result of an in-depth study that aims to excite the participants in the farewell ceremony and to allow the honors that use Prima Bottega products to stand out.

Scrigno del cuore that with the extractable hearts to take in memory has innovated the schemes of the farewell ceremony, turning it into a participatory event where the present can express their emotions and make a last homage to the missing person.

Sigillo d’Amore : two ideal rings on coffins and urns, made of chiselled metal tiles. Now the participants in the farewell ceremony can write messages and thoughts in their own hands.


Affresco, a true wall base on coffins and urns where works in fresco technique are reproduced. The peculiarity of this special plaster lies in its versatility: it can, in fact, be spread on different materials, so it was also possible to realize the expandable backdrops in fresco technique and gold leaf applied by hand.

Preghiera, the bonnet and the urn that show the traditional prayers or dedications.

Please explore our website and be advised that we can make all American style models, including features such as six handles, full coach etc..