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Scrigno del Cuore ® was created to allow a sweeter transition from presence to absence. Its peculiarity is a series of small removable wooden hearts that can be kept as a souvenir and replaced with dedicated love messages . Made with minimal elegance, hearts represent a bond with your loved one, to always carry close.

The farewell rite is renewed which will give visibility and prestige to the company.

Sigillo d’Amore ® , Prima Bottega’s patent, was designed to give a new creative and exciting experience to give life to a unique work.

The Sigillo line is equipped with a decoration formed by single metal chisel tiles in gold leaf that can be easily engraved with any tool , even with a simple pen.

Prayer © has a simple and innovative concept: a decorative text in gold leaf, around the circumference of the casket or urn, where a prayer or a farewell thought is reported.

There are many textual possibilities: prayers and dedicated thoughts, also customizable.

The current of taste often draws on antiquity giving it a new contemporary meaning: the Affresco © line is the synthesis of the fusion of contemporary and ancient .

The decorations are made in a special technique on a real wall base giving them the same charm of the ancient frescoes.

Dono © is illuminated by a mirrored gold plexiglass band, with special seats for inserting a flower.

The hood thus changes into a floral triumph with a decorative pattern of buds, corollas and ever-changing greenery, a fascinating play of colors and scents.

In the era of excess and exaggeration, simplification and minimalism are the most heartfelt dictates of modern design.

Tesoro © , with its essential line and the elegance of the gold detail, interprets them perfectly: a simple note of light in bush-hammered gold transforms traditional coffins into refined products of timeless class .

Scrigno d’oro © by Prima Bottega is a special casket that gives a touch of refinement, elegance and prestige. A real “jewel” able to tell the story of centuries of Italian style and manufacturing tradition .

Gold , a rare and precious element, has always been considered a distinctive element of sacredness and royalty ; combining the tradition and craftsmanship of gold leaf processing, Scrigno d’Oro is born.

REMINDER: An all-new line that holds a deep and ancient meaning: to leave a memento for the dearly departed that will accompany them forever in a casket made on the lid.

It is the only one that offers the possibility of leaving a tangible memory for your loved one, not just messages, dedications or pictures, but a real “Remembrance” that can also be an object of any kind.