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The floral homage is the universal ritual that allows to give an order and containment to the anguish and pain of loss, it is to communicate an emotion through a divine language, because the flowers are the hieroglyphics of the angels: in this perspective it is born Gift © .

Illuminated by a mirrored gold plexiglass band, it is surrounded by special transparent seats designed to insert a flower .

The hood thus changes into a floral triumph with a decorative pattern of buds, corollas and ever-changing greenery, a fascinating play of colors and scents that will accompany the loved one on his last journey.

The Cofani Dono are presented in a refined combination of noble and traditional solid wood and modern plexiglass, a favorite material in contemporary design to make the most of natural light.

The cross on the lid and the decorative band in gold mirrored plexiglass enhance the bonnet, giving special evocative plays of brightness.

The product is equipped with elegant transparent accessories , along the perimeter, designed for the insertion of floral gifts .

The supply includes 25 silk roses for a correct display in the company headquarters.

Created to offer a flower


The Dono line was born with the same passion expressed in every Prima Bottega creation, creations with an unmistakable style and responding to every customer need.